Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exclusive HD music videos

These are exclusive videos for the friends on our contact list. You will automatically be added to the contact list if you have purchased the "My music collection" and "The unfinished story" 2 in 1 CD, or if your total payment is over $28.99 USD in one single purchase, (from March 18, 2011 and on), you can buy any CDs, MP3s, sheet music, music videos, instructional videos..

Links to view these exclusive videos will be sent to you. When a new video is available, an invitation email will be sent to you to invite you to watch the full length video for free. The videos will be available to watch online anytime, and you also have the option to buy and download the videos. Some new music or products will be available exclusively for the friends on our contact list. Thank you for your kind support to make these music videos available. If more people buy the music, more music will be available. On the other hand, if not enough people buy the music, no more music will be available. Your support is greatly appreciated.